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WEBCAST – China’s Industry Consolidation – The Big Get Bigger



China’s Industry Consolidation – The Big Get Bigger


About this webcast

We observe the big are getting bigger across many sectors in China. In our view, China’s slowing economic growth, slowing investment demand & stricter government regulations are key macro drivers. Supply-side reforms & stronger environmental protection have pushed out a large number of small players & have consolidated upstream commodity-related sectors.

In addition to the mining & materials sectors, where consolidation has been taking place in recent years, market concentration has also increased in many other sectors, including the new economy (e.g. e-commerce, technology, insurance). The substantial R&D required for high-tech & advanced manufacturing has benefited industry leaders as China’s innovation boom continues.

This webcast recording features our host Jessica Tea (Greater China Equities Investment Specialist) and our presenter Gordon Wang (Senior Analyst, Greater China Equities). It covers:

  • Why & where industry consolidation happens
  • What are the windows of opportunity
  • Implications for BNPP AM’s long-term portfolio strategy

Recorded: Wednesday, 31 March 2021

Duration: 40 minutes



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