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Graph of the week – Why aren’t emerging market equities outperforming with China reopening?
All change in China, now it's over to the consumer...
10:39 MIN
Talking heads – Emerging market equities: it’s all eyes on the Chinese consumer
Daniel Morris
2 Authors - Front of mind
06/02/2023 · 2 Min
Renminbi internationalisation – The petro-yuan and the role of gold
Multi-asset update – Trimming our China exposure
13:06 MIN
Talking heads – Building back stability in Chinese equities
CHAO DavidDaniel Morris
2 Authors - Front of mind
14/02/2022 · 1 Min
Emerging markets – Short-term pain ahead of an upturn
14:21 MIN
Market weekly – Emerging markets head into 2022 in better shape (read or listen)
China´s transportation transformation
2 Authors - Front of mind
17/11/2021 · 4 Min
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